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Thank you for visiting us! Welcome to Doodle Posse where we hand-raise highly sought after companions that boast excellent breeding and exceptional quality.

Mike and Bernese Mountain Dog

Our Story

Our commitment to breeding healthy and happy dogs that make great pets is second to none. We breed our poodles and doodles with care and passion, and it shows in every dog that leaves our kennel. Our selective and rigorous breeding process includes responsible breeding practices that produce dogs that fit perfectly into family life. We believe every dog should be bred not only for their beauty but also for their temperament. That's why we conduct specific genetic and health testing to ensure that our dogs have the best genes to pass on to their offspring.

Available Posse Pups

Doodle Posse's Merle Bernedoodle Puppies


Adoption application process and health guarantee information.

Posse Parents

Meet the parents of our pups find their testing results and see past litters.


Information to help you find the best training solutions for your puppy.


Estimated pricing for our pups based on color and size.


Our guardian home program is designed to provide a stable and loving environment for our parent dogs where they are loved and cared for on a daily basis. The families who participate in this program are committed to providing a stable loving home during our dogs breeding career and a forever home once our canine friends retire.

Doodle Posse's Girl and Irish Doodle Puppy



What a blessing our sweet Australian Mountain doodle is! After losing our 7 year old golden doodle on Dec 14th I was completely heart broken. I came across Doodle Posse after 4 straight days of crying and looking at available puppies on line. I shared my story with them and Janine said she had a perfect match for me!
Well I’m glad I listened to my heart and not my head that kept telling me it was too soon. After a FaceTime call with Mike and our possible puppy, we agreed she was what we needed to add to our lives.
When they told me a flight nanny could bring her to me in upstate NY, I was absolutely positive that she was ours!! No worries at all about your location, they make it happen. What a Christmas gift we were receiving. When we were deciding on a name, we agreed on “Shelby”. My husband always wanted a Shelby mustang, and I said, “Shelby” home for Christmas!!
She’s an angel, so smart and lovable.

Thank you, Doodle Posse, for helping us heal… we are forever grateful!

Doodle Posse's Aussie Mountain Doodle Puppy


Saratoga Springs NY

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