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Guardianship Program

For those interested in knowing more about our guardian program we outline below the information and responsibilities needed to make an informed decision. We of course, welcome any inquiries for clarification or other reasons. 

Boy with Mini Poodle
girl with irish doodle puppy

Our guardian home program is designed to provide a stable and loving environment for our parent dogs where they are loved and cared for on a daily basis. During the time they are raising a litter of puppies they come to our residence to ensure the best possible care for both the mother and the pups.


The families who participate in this program are carefully selected and require a relationship of communication and trust. They must be committed to providing a forever home once our canine friends and are actively involved in their care and well-being before and after they retire from their breeding career. 


Because we believe that a loving family provides the best quality of life for our dogs, our Guardian Homes have become a vital part of our program and we consider them apart of our Posse Family and do our best to offer incentives to make the back and forth easier on everyone.  This benefits everyone from the dog, breeder, and the forever family.

Interested in becoming one of our valued guardian families?

Our guardian homes an extension of our own family as we entrust our beloved dogs into your home. We view this arrangement as a working relationship

toward the well-being our our dog.

  Participating in our Guardian Program families within an hour drive of Columbus, Ohio allows them to have breeder's “Pick of the Litter” puppy as a family pet and at a discounted price while we retain breeding rights and the responsibility of all breeding expenses until the dog retires and becomes a full-time pampered house pet.

Routine vet care, grooming, feeding, training and socializing are the responsibility of the Guardian Family. At the end of the breeding career of the dog, ownership of the dog is then permanently transferred to the guardian home family.


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