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Puppy Care

Doodle Posse is not a pet store or business location, we care and raise these puppies in the comfort and security of our very own home.

Doodle Posse's Merle Bernedoodles
Bernedoodle Puppies

Birthing and raising the puppies right inside our own home helps us to ensure that the puppies get all the neuro-stimulation they need during the most critical weeks they are with us.

Prenatal Period:

Puppies born to mothers that receive prenatal massages are more docile and enjoy being touched, we spoil our mothers with lots of affection and belly massages.


Neonatal Period: 0-14 days

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) begins on day 3 through day 16. Benefits are tolerance to stress, greater resistance to disease, faster adrenal system, stronger heart rate and stronger heartbeat. 

Transitional Period: 14-21 days

 The transitional period begins when the puppy’s eyes open and ends when they first startle upon hearing sounds. 

Critical Socialization Period: 3-12 weeks

1: Communication

2: Emotional stability 

3: Habituation 

4: Enrichment 

5: Health 

6: Skills

7: Love

We know that this path of puppy culture is an incredible amount of work, but it is 100% ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT and when you adopt your puppy, you will be just as thankful as we are for this program!


We have a designated puppy nursery room in our home for our pregnant females to whelp and give birth, also allowing us to keep a close eye on them and ensure their safety and comfort of the mother and the puppies. This room can be adjusted to accommodate a second litter in the event that we have that happen. Once they have reached 4 weeks of age we transition them to a larger puppy playroom so they can continue their development in a controlled but larger environment. Our 2-acre homestead gives us plenty of room to allow our puppies and mothers the space they need.

We are happy to provide you photos and proof of their well-being on our website and through video chats and photos. For many who ask to come see the puppies and mother on location, we do not allow this for mainly two reasons: the safety of our dogs, and the safety of my family. COVID and PARVO are the two main and very serious things that we have to protect against, and we do the best of our ability to ensure that neither become a risk to the health of our crew here. We will do our best to accommodate any requests that you have, to give you every assurance and to make sure you are involved in every step of the process.


Newborn Whelping Room and office
Whelping Box

Our Whelping boxes are expandable as the puppies grow, this allows room for the mother and the pup to be comfortable during the difference phases of whelping before they age out into our bigger puppy playroom when they begin to experience many new different sights, smells, sounds and people.

These new whelping boxes are easily adjustable and easy to clean during and after the litter has come and gone. This helps keep things sanitary and healthy for our dogs and puppies. The blankets and the pellet boxes are changed regularly during the time that they are in there so maintain a high level of cleanliness and health. Water is always provided for the mother and readily available to the puppies once they start working on puppy mash and begin the weaning process. 


We keep a weighing station close by so we can ensure that the puppies are growing and gaining at a healthy weight. If we do see a puppy that is not getting enough or we feel the litter as a whole are not doing well we do supplement to ensure they are at their healthiest. We do our best not to intervene with nature, unless it is absolutely necessary for the health of the puppies. Our goal is to ensure the best quality care and this includes daily handling and weighing of our pups to guarantee nothing slips by us. 


Puppy weight station
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