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We get many questions regarding our pups, here we try to be as transparent and clearly explain anything our potential families may wan to know.


How can I adopt a puppy?

Step 1 is filling out our APPLICATION online. After, we will reach out via text or email to discuss current and upcoming litters. We will go over personality traits, size and temperment of the puppy that will best fit your family lifestyle. We will make recommendations of puppies or upcoming litters that might fit your needs and help you choose the best puppy for your family.

Where are you located?

We are just north of Columbus Ohio in Ashley.

When it comes to picking up your puppy we do try to make it as easy as possible, meeting you within Columbus proper at our local church we serve in or another agreed upon location.

Are you breeding dogs that are health tested?

All of our parent dogs undergo full genetic health testing prior to breeding. The health, welfare and temperament of our dogs are the top priority of our program. You can be confident any puppy you choose from Doodle Posse will be well-bred, healthy, and socialized.

Will my puppy be socialized around children?

We raise our puppies with daily exposure to children of all ages picking them up and playing with them safely, We ensure they are exposed to bigger dogs, cats, and chickens, vacuums, music, dishwashers, soundtracks including thunderstorms. You can learn more about our application of ENS and puppy culture protocols HERE.

Do you have a waitlist?

We often have families who what very specific dates to take a puppy home, color or gender. We keep a waitlist for these families. To secure a spot on a waitlist you must go through our application process. You will sign a contract via Docusign after a $300 deposit is placed. This will reserve your pick position of the litter. If you get on the waitlist and do not find your perfect puppy you are allowed to move to the next available position on a future litter. If you are open to any color or gender you are welcome to ask about our currently available puppies that may have not been chosen on the reserved list.

Can I visit my puppy at your facility?

Our "facility" is our family home, not a pet store with business hours. We do allow families with a deposit to visit our home and select their puppy in person from a litter after the puppies have received their first parvo vaccine.  We ask that no other dogs or pets come to these visits and that only immediate family attend. We provide weekly video and photo updates of our puppy nursery on our website for those who are interested and when requested by families. For safety of our family and due to the risk of Parvo and other diseases dangerous to puppies we do not allow open visits to our puppy nursery. 

Can I meet the parents of my puppy?

This is often possible during. your pickup or puppy selection visits. Most of our breeding dogs live as family pets in local guardian homes, so often our males are not at our residence. Momma dogs are with us during the first 8 weeks after a litter is born and are around for puppy selection week and then reunite with their families. You can learn more about a guardian program HERE.

Most momma dogs are very cautious of strangers around their puppies and will try to get between you and her puppies, we will always choose what is best for our dogs in these situations. We offer biographical pages of our parents to learn more about them HERE.

Can you deliver my puppy?

Yes, we have options for both airfare and ground delivery please click HERE for more information.

Does my puppy come with a health guarantee?

Yes, your puppy will come with a one year genetic health guarantee which is attached to all our purchase contracts, and will also come home with 30 days of free Trupanion pet insurance without a grace period. We recommend our families to activate and keep this on your puppy through the adolescent stage when puppies are most vulnerable and accident prone.

Do you offer training resources?

Yes, we partner with Baxter & Bella's online training program with access to 1/1 zoom calls wiht a trainer for the life of your dog and a large digital library of training resources at a discount to any of our clients using the code DOODLEPOSSE. To learn more about this program please click HERE

What should I expect when my puppy comes home and how should I prepare?

Based on puppy culture practices we highly recommend bringing your puppy home when you can have a few days home from work to help them settle in. Check out our puppy prep shopping list HERE so that you have a safe calm area ready for your puppy to come home to.

When your puppy leaves their litter everything will be new to them and there is an adjustment period for them to start feeling comfortable and confident on their own. 

Your puppy should not be out in public on the ground until after they are fully vaccinated. Plan a vet check for soon after your puppy comes home so that your veterinarian can give you guidance on this.

Your puppy may not eat much the first 24 hours home. They might wine or cry at night in the beginning. They also might eat like they’ve never had food before when you feed them. This is due to eating their meals with their litter where other puppies might try to steal their kibble. This usually subsides within a week of eating at home on their own, but if you are concerned we recommend a slow feed bowl to help teach them to pace themselves. Please prepare yourself with a solid potty training plan as this is the number one thing you’ll be working on when your puppy first arrives. 

We send a welcome file when you place a deposit that goes over what food to have ready as well our our feeding routines. Please review this file closely as it will answer a lot of questions that you might have. 


How much are your puppies?

Our prices range from $1500 to $3500. We occasionally have slightly reduced prices on litters that were larger than expected to ensure all of our puppies in each litter get to their new homes during the very important puppy developmental stages. Please message us for information if you want to be notified in these situations.


What is the difference between a Bernedoodle and Australian Mountain Doodle?


Bernedoodle: Bernese Mountain Dog & Poodle 50/50 hybrid

Australian Mountain Doodle: Australian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, and Poodle 25/25/50 hybrid

To learn more about their differences in personality and traits please click HERE and scroll down to Breed Information



The Bernedoodle is typically a fun, loving, and happy-go-lucky breed. However, Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for being stubborn and this trait can be passed onto their Bernedoodle offspring. Adding the Australian Shepherd into the mix generally makes them a little more eager to please which in turn can help make the training process a little easier. We all know the beloved Bernese breed is known for having health issues and a short lifespan- we hope that by adding the Australian Shepherd it will greatly help longevity..

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